Restoring rusty vintage pocket knife - Knife restoration


Published At : Mar-25-2019

Publisher : Odd Tinkering

Category : Howto & Style

As this weeks project, I will completely restore this rusted and damaged vintage pocket knife. The large blade has small crack and the tip is badly bent. The guy who sold this to me told it had been sitting in a box which was packed away in 60's which means this knife is at least 50 years old but probably older because is clearly wasn't new when it was put in the box. I think it's Solnigen pocket knife, because of the shield symbol and text on the blade., Usually they say "Solnigen garantie" I decided to go for a a complete restoration instead of just fixing the blade and the repainting it. I disassembled the blade using a bu drilling the old pins out. being careful not to damage the parts. I removed the rust in a vinegar bath. Then I removed the old paint with paint stripper. I nickel plated the scales to prevent then from re-rusting. I think they had nickel plating originally because the rust was only on certain spots and It definitely wasn't chrome plating. Then I re-painted the handle to a very similar style it originally was. It had this strange wine red wood imitation paint job. Luckily the airbrushing on that wasn't much better than what I can do. Instead of wine red, I used dark red lacquer which gives a bit classier look than just a regular paint but I don't think I wondered too far off from the original. The paint job turned out just stunning. While parts were nickel plating, for almost the whole day, I sanded and cleaned up or polished the other parts. No need to polish the plates that can't be seen, it only removes material from them, so clean up was enough. I plated the parts for the whole day for two reasons, I used very low voltage to make sure I got the best result possible and I also still wanted to quick polish after that so I needed thick enough layer of nickel. I used steel nails as new pins for the knife. I couldn't find something softer locally and I wanted to finish the video so I spent one evening just hammering the pins.I hope it will now last another 50 years until the next guy gets to restore it. Thanks for watching my video once again. Please consider subscribing. I've also added some of the gear I use in links bellow. If you buy anything from amazon, please go through one of these links and Amazon will give me up to 10% of whatever you spend. It doesn't cost you anything extra. SOME OF MY TOOLS: POWER FILE: CHUCK NORRIS’ TOOTHBRUSH: CORDLESS DRILL: BETTER ROTARY TOOL: PRESS FOR ROTARY TOOL: 2-AXIS TABLE FOR THE PRESS MY FILMING GEAR: MAIN CAMERA: MAIN TRIPOD: MICROPHONE: VIDEO LIGHTS: MAIN LENS: CINEMATIC LENS: WIDE ANGLE LENS: GOPRO: The list of tools is short because they are hard to find from Amazon. Either they are too old ( my dremel is almost my age!!) or they are cheapo local or Chinese brands. --------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ▶▶▶ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Restoration playlist▶ --------------------------------------------------------------------- #restoration #restoring #ASMR #knife restoration


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