Knife Making: Japanese Petty Knife | SLL Build Along 3


Published At : Apr-27-2019

Publisher : Black Beard Projects

Category : Howto & Style

Making a Japanese style paring knife, also know as petty knife. The patter for this knife was made available by Jeremy from the channel "Simple Little Life" as part of the third community build along (SLL Build Along) where anyone involved in knife making can join the event and everyone makes the same knife. I love this initiative and highly suggest everyone to join and build along! Find out more and watch the original videos here: The knife I'm making is made of 2mm thick Nitro B stainless steel with walnut, ebony and olive wood burl alternated with vulcanized fiber spacers and topped by a brass guard as handle. This is the first time I do a handle construction like this, really wanted to try after seeing a knife build by Jeremy. Very cool and (I think) traditional way of fixing blades to handles, happy with how it came all together! This is also the first time I try Nitro B, be sure I'll use it more, it heat treated very well with a final hardness just shy of 60 Hrc and I was able to buff it to a very high polish. I would have prefered to etch it or darken it in some way but as it turns out this steel is not affected by ferric chloride or cold blueing. Being so thin to start with this knife is also crazy sharp, and ground almost to zero, possibly the sharpest knife I ever made. Index of operation and materials: 0:05 Tracing design on steel with random spray paint, holding the tempalte with magnets 0:13 Cutting out the blank on a metal cutting bandsaw 1:07 Refining the shape on the 2x72 belt grinder 1:26 I rounded off the sharp corners between tang and blade off camera 1:52 Adding some texture to the steel with a ball peen hammer, the steel is soft, it can be cone cold 2:10 Packing the knife in stainless steel foil to prevent decarburization while heating for hardening. Also added some talk as suggested by Jeremy to prevent foil sticking to the blade 2:54 Heating to 1060°C and holding for 15min as for manifacturer instrucition 3:08 Quenching in aluminum plates with compressed air 3:48 Tempering at 250°C for 2hr 4:00 Grinding bevels after heat treating, much easier for a thin blade like this one 4:31 Hand sanding up to 1200grit sandpaper (I think I sanded too much the texture area) 5:28 Buffing with cotton wheel and fine polishing compouund 5:50 Handle stack glued with epoxy resin 6:20 Squaring off the handle with metal cutting bandsaw and belt grinder (a fresh low grit belt helps a lot) 6:53 Drilling dowel hole in the handle 7:22 Center punching brass guard material 7:34 Drilling with 2mm bit 7:46 Texturing with tiny ball peen hammer after fitting the guard of the blade 7:57 Forced patina on the copper to add contrast (antiquing solution) 8:05 Buffing out some of the patina with fine steel whool 8:15 Cutting a split on a 10mm beech wood dowel for the tang 8:30 Final glueup with slow setting epoxy 9:07 Rough shaping the handle on the 2x72, octagonal handle style 9:40 Finishing the handle by hand with sandpaper up to 1200 grit 10:11 White mineral oil for finish Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video! Suggestions and comments are welcome. Leave a like and share to anyone who might be interested! And be sure to subscribe and ring the bell if you are new here so you don't miss upcoming projects! ★Patreon★ ★Website★ ★Follow me★ Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►


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