Day 10: Eureka, NV to Ely, NV

Published At : Jun-03-2019

Publisher : Ride for Water

Category : People & Blogs

Started 15 miles ahead of schedule—finished 30 miles ahead. We have been pushing it to the limit out here. Head wind, bad weather, and even sickness can’t stop us. I have been feeling encouraged as our team is starting to find a rhythm. GoPro’s: successfully communicated with sheep today (they responded to my baaahhhs), my knee is feeling a lot better, first say in the sun—warm enough for a short sleeve RFW jersey and shorts (starting to work on my tan lines), got two pizzas donated for dinner, got a $1,000 donation today, and charity: water posted a picture of me on their instagram. Oh No’s: Cow’s are still giving me the silent treatment, Whitney is still sick—now Guido is, couldn’t sleep well because of the icy-hot toasting my legs, wore my bib shorts today and the cheese grater straps shredded my nipples, two pizzas were not enough for dinner, hard conversation made me lose my appetite for all you can eat denny’s pancakes.


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