Nicholson File Restoration


Published At : May-05-2018

Publisher : Black Beard Projects

Category : Howto & Style

Restoring and sharpening a quality 12inch (30cm) Nicholson hand smooth file. I tried chemical sharpening with ferric chloride and It definitely made it feel sharper. The line near te tang after the ferric chloride soak is a thickness difference between the etched part and the original surface. Products used: 0:59 WD-40 1:34 Degreaser 1:51 Sodium carbonate 2:07 12V power supply 2:55 Ferric chloride 3:26 Sodium bicarbonate (and water) 3:56 WD-40 4:03 White mineral oil Interesting video about Nicholson made by a fellow maker: ★Patreon★ ★Website★ ★Follow me★ Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►


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