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South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie: Vasham explores the concept of science and ancient mystic knowledge, and dual nature of man - good and bad, through the lives of two people, Arvind and Dr. Vibuthi Nag. is a film about a mysterious professor Vibhuti Nag who proclaims of possessing supernatural powers through the activation of Kundalini Shakti. The protagonist Arvind gets entangled into the web that the sinister Professor weaves, as his sweet younger brother Raj and his friend Dheeraj get lured into the trap. Is the professor's mind really evil? What is his ultimate ploy to bring the whole world into his control? why is the protagonist so hell bent to get to the bottom of it all? How does he do it with help of his lady love Meghana? Subscribe Us - Hindi Action Movies Popular Movies On Dishoom South Indian Movie Dubed In Hindi Hollywood Movies Dubbed In Hindi

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