New South Dubbed 2017 Hindi Movie - Vajrakaya (2017) Full Hindi Movie | Shiva Rajkumar, Ravi Teja - RBTUBE

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Viraj is an adopted kid, adopted at a young age. He falls in love with Geetha, daughter of Viraj's father's friend. Viraj's father invites Geetha's family for his wedding anniversary and proposes his son's marriage with her. But Geetha's father rejects the proposal since Viraj is an adopted kid. Viraj's father gets a heart attack and gets admitted to the hospital. After he becomes conscious, he tells Viraj that he is not an orphan and has a family with his mother and grandfather still being alive. Viraj then embarks on a journey in search of his mother, to the heartless kingdom of his grandfather. How Viraj reunites with his mother and grandfather forms the rest of the story. Click to Susbscribe Us:

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