Actual 911 call of home invasion shows why everyone must be prepared to defend themselves. - RBTUBE

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Not sure why so many are doubting this actually happened, but the call was released by the King County Sheriff's Office. You can read more about it here: A few other points: 1. The point is not to dump on law enforcement for taking so long. The point is to emphasize that they cannot get to most people in time to help them. You are on your own to defend yourself against a home invader. 2. The dispatcher/operator apparently was only on the job 3 weeks. I think she did phenomenally well under the circumstances. I agree that she should not have instructed the homeowner to disarm himself and walk through the danger to the police. However, it is probable that she was either trained to do so or was being told that is what deputies on scene wanted to happen. 3. The homeowner did exactly right every step of the way leading to his self-defense. He armed himself first, hid in ambush, then called 911. This meant the bad guy had to come to him, and the homeowner maintained the element of surprise instead of the other way around. This video is for educational purposes and discussion only. Do not attempt to imitate anything contained herein. The best way to keep up to date is to join my mailing list: I am active throughout the day on Facebook: If you’d like to support the channel for free, please use the links below whenever you start your online shopping. This is huge and really helps: AR500 Armor: (Save 5-10% with link and code “twangnbang”) TacticalWalls: AirGun Depot: (save 10% with link and code “TWANG10”) TWANGnBANG, Inc., does testing and evaluation of products in the firearms, archery, and outdoors industries. Products featured on this channel are typically, but not always, provided by clients of TWANGnBANG, Inc.

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