PROTOTYPE: 10 Years Later - RBTUBE

775,284 • 26K • 643 • Apr, 13, 2019


The long awaited Prototype video is here. Never before have I played a game that would give you the power of a deity and yet take so much pleasure in beating your ass into the ground. It's soul is like a black hole. It's dark, sure, but only because it's eaten the light. Alex Mercer lives in an irredeemable world that works tirelessly against him. But does it work against the game itself too? 10 Years Later, it's time to find out. Patreon: Twitter: @thelightiswhite Discord: Whitelight#4493 Server: Donations: Thumbnail and Intro designer: YouTube (music production): Twitter: @Chimerainasuit Artwork used in the video is from beesbeesbees, check them out on Tumblr. Recommended Channels: Purposeless Rabbits (Prototype 3 video) RennsReviews: Gingertail: Camelworks:

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